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Vigorously Defending The Rights Of The Accused

No matter how serious the charges against you may be, a conviction will depend upon what a judge or jury hears, how they perceive the actions of police officers and investigators, and whether or not they believe prosecution witnesses to be credible.

As a former Commonwealth's Attorney and current prosecutor for The City of Manassas Park, The Law Office of Kevin L. Leahy, PLLC knows how to expose and underscore weaknesses in the prosecution's case against our clients. Our law firm draws on prosecutorial experience and knowledge of the criminal justice system to assert your rights and counter the allegations. In fact, Kevin Leahy has been previously hired to conduct classes for law enforcement officers on criminal procedure.

Our Manassas law firm represents anyone accused of a crime in Prince William County and surrounding Northern Virginia. Contact us immediately for a free confidential consultation.

Vigorously Defending The Rights Of The Accused

Our Manassas law firm represents anyone accused of a crime in Prince William County, Fairfax and surrounding Northern Virginia counties. Contact us immediately for a free consultation

  • Drug offense - possession, distribution or manufacturing
  • Sex Offenses - rape, child molestation, sex with minors
  • Violent crimes - assault and battery, robbery, murder
  • Gun crimes - illegal weapons, felon in possession, no permit for concealed weapon
  • White collar crimes - fraud, embezzlement, forgery and uttering
  • Internet crimes - child pornography, identity theft, scams
  • Larceny and burglary - shoplifting, theft, breaking and entering
  • Drunk Driving - DUI, accidents while impaired, underage drivers
  • Serious traffic offenses - reckless driving, driving on a suspended license, hit-and-run
  • Probation violations - failure to adhere to probation conditions, new criminal charges

Understanding How To Challenge The Case Against You

Police departments and prosecutors do not have the limitless manpower and financial resources portrayed in television shows like "CSI" or "Law and Order." As a result, other suspects, leads and evidence that contradict the prosecution's theory of events will often be overlooked.

As a former prosecutor, criminal defense lawyer Kevin L. Leahy understands how to expose and exploit weaknesses in the case against our client. We track down witnesses the prosecution has overlooked, pursue alternative leads and introduce exculpatory evidence. We carefully review how a crime scene was processed, explaining to jurors how key evidence could have been tainted or improperly identified.

We regularly work with forensic experts, lab technicians and other professionals in challenging the validity of blood, hair and fiber samples; fingerprints; DNA analysis; and other evidence offered against our client. We make every effort to exclude prejudicial evidence or dismiss charges, and we investigate as if the case will go to trial. We also understand how to negotiate effectively with prosecutors when a plea bargain makes the most sense for our client.

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